DAR Insignia
DAR Insignia




Our Emblem is a golden wheel

Spinning the threads of time

Across the pattern of the years

Of strife, and peace sublime.

It has a band of truest blue,

And thirteen stars of gold

And back of these a silver staff

The threads of time to hold.

These threads of time are but a chain

To bind our world together,

The North, the South, the East, the West,

Then any strife we'll weather.

This emblem- silver, gold and blue

This wheel with stars and staff,

Should be a sacred trust to hold,

As long as life shall last.

Remembering then for what it stands,

This emblem, gold and blue;

Let us strive on to build a world,

Where men are brothers true.


Written By:

Bessie McLeland Smith

Organizing member and

Past Regent (deceased).

El Redondo Chapter, NSDAR traditionally prints this poem in

honor and in memory of all our organizing members.