DAR Insignia
DAR Insignia



Martha Lee Burnum Hanley

10 November 1924 - 12 October 2003

Organizing Secretary General

Vice President General

California State Regent and Chapter Regent



Sarah Fandey

Deputy Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service(VAVS) Representative

West Los Angeles Medical Center


Carolyn Bushnell

California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Headquarters Administration Committee Chair,

Honorary Chapter Regent


Nancy Guenther

Past District IX Director,

Honorary Chapter Regent,

American History National Committee Chair


Mary Haag

Secretary District XIII

Honorary Chapter Regent


Beth Collier

Senior Children of the American Revolution President

Past District IX Director

Honorary Chapter Regent


Gene Hassan

Honorary Chapter Regent


Frances Boothe

Honorary Chapter Regent


Albertine Bellows

Honorary Chapter Regent


Fran Bock

DAR Good Citizen Representative - District XIII

Southern Council Manager


Past Honorary State Regent and National Officer