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  Finding Your Lineage        Identify Your Patriot Ancestor   Application Process


Do you have a mother, aunt, grandmother, or first cousin in the DAR? If so, please proceed to Step 3.


If no known relative was in the DAR, your first step toward membership requires establishing your lineage.


Start with the genealogy worksheet to help point out possible lines. Write only the data which can be proven.  Once the worksheet is completed, fill out the pedigree chart for persons born 1700-1765, as these are the most likely to have provided service.


The following links are provided to assist you with completing a pedigree chart.




Start With What You Know


Speak With Relatives


Start Looking Online


Pedigree Chart


El Redondo Chapter, NSDAR, Interest Form



Once you have followed your lineage, you can begin to identify potential patriots. Service to the cause for American independence can be proven in many ways. The following links will assist you in determining the eligibility of civil or patriotic service for your patriot.


If your ancestor is not listed in the Patriot Index, that does not mean that person did not provide service, it just means that no one has proven their lineage from that person. This means it is up to you to prove that line and service.




Using the Genealogical Research System


Genealogical Research System - Patriot Index


Search the Library Catalog





Our chapter offers workshops to assist prospective members. A volunteer genealogist will help organize your lineage using the Application Worksheet. Be certain to list proof documentation.


Please check our Events Calendar for times and dates for workshops. To work directly with a volunteer genealogist, just complete our El Redondo Chapter, NSDAR, Interest Form.




Application Worksheet


Hot Tips from the Lineage Research Committee 


El Redondo Chapter, NSDAR, Interest Form


Events Calendar